Dr Ingrid de Ruiter

Dr Ingrid de Ruiter is a Freelance Medical Writer and Public Health Researcher with a background in Clinical Medicine and Public Health.

Now based in Spain, Dr de Ruiter is a New Zealand trained Medical Doctor with a double Masters in Public Health from the Universities of Granada and Copenhagen, and a PhD in Public Health.

During Clinical work and later in Public Health and Research, she always believed excellent communication was a key element for effective care, active patient participation, continuing education for health professionals, and international health research. This naturally led to her passion for writing and assisting others to effectively communicate their ideas and research, particularly if English was a second language.

Dr Ingrid de Ruiter now enjoys freelance medical writing and communication and creating high quality medical documents that communicate effectively at an audience-appropriate level. This encompasses research publications, scientific writing, regulatory writing, patient education, and educational materials targeted to medical professionals.

Dr Ingrid de Ruiter’s medical writing and editing experience includes working with researchers at various European Universities and research organizations to assist in preparing articles for publication in international journals. She has also co-authored 8 peer-reviewed research articles published in international medical journals.


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You can read more about Dr Ingrid de Ruiter on LinkedIn here or on her online CV for further information.