Medical Translation


Understanding the subject matter of what you translate is crucial for quality and accurate translation. Being bilingual or having studied other languages is not enough to be able to translate very specialized or technical subject areas. Doctors learn over 10,000 new words when they study medicine; almost equivalent to learning a new language. Translating medical documents is more than plugging in the corresponding word in the target language. Knowing the correct terminology and how to use it correctly and naturally in a cultural and medical or scientific context requires expert understanding and knowledge.

The ideal medical translator has a medical or health background in both languages and has also studied translation. Furthermore, few people write very well in a foreign language. The best translations are into someone’s native language.

Dr Ingrid de Ruiter is a native English-speaking medical doctor. She studied and practiced medicine in New Zealand before moving to Spain where she completed an MPH and PhD in Clinical Medicine and Public Health. She is fully registered as a doctor in Spain. She has also completed a Graduate Diploma in Spanish at Massey University, New Zealand, which included translation.

Medical Translation Services

  • Medical or scientific research articles for publication
  • Case reports
  • Clinical trial documents
  • Regulatory documents
  • Other – please enquire regarding other document types.


Please see examples of my work here.

Companies I work/have worked for

University of Jaen, University of Granada, Novartis, IQVIA, PPD

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