The first draft is allowed to be crap

The first draft is allowed to be crap

The first draft is allowed to be crap

The first draft is just that – a first draft, and it´s allowed to be poorly written. Even Ernest Hemingway is quoted as saying that, “the first draft of anything is shit.” A first draft should be about getting all your thoughts and ideas on paper. Don’t get trapped into trying to make it perfect, or following your outline exactly. Just let your ideas flow. If you get stuck on one section, move to another. What´s important here is to get everything on paper that you want included. It´s much easier to cut words, rephrase, and restructure, than it is to add new concepts to an already finished draft.

A first draft is not the final product. Remember the 1:3 rule of thumb, only a quarter of your time is spent on writing, the rest is revising, editing and improving. Once you have your first draft finished, let it sit for a few hours or days. Then go back and re-read and start the improving, revising and perfecting process.

Take home message: If even an accomplished writer like Ernest Hemingway believes his first drafts are bad, then you shouldn´t feel bad writing crap for a first draft. Just get your thoughts onto paper.


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